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When it comes to location, this is another of Waterford’s ‘star’ sites. The Knockanaffrin stone pair is outstandingly located at 360 metres (1181 ft) above sea level with broad breathtaking views of the Monavullagh and Knockmealdown mountain ranges. On this lonely bleak mountainside, known as the ‘Hill of the Mass’, one finds perhaps the best...
These two standing stones are found in separate fields about 120 metres apart. They are located on the lower western slopes of Knockanask mountain and overlook the Glenshelane river below. To the North West rises the imposing summit of Glennaffalia mountain.   Stone A (left) is a modest sized conglomerate measuring 0.75 m tall X 0.75 X 0.6...
At the site of this early Christian church are found four Ogham stones, three of which are incorporated into the structure as window lintels. A fourth stone (main photo) stands upright in the NE corner of the ruined church which once served the parish of Seskian. In the north gable are two similar sizes stones  used as lintels. The upper...
Knockboy stone row is a three stone alignment which measures 4.7 meters in length. It is thought however, that the original row was made up of at least four stones and possibly even more. All the stones are conglomerates and increase in height from the NE to the SW. The smallest stone at the NE end is 0.65 meters tall and is rounded and...
An imposing sight, this much visited megalith of international renown, has two capstones which is common to the area.  It's uprights (orthostats) measure 2.8 metres tall and the overall height of the monument is 3.5 metres.  The small Capstone at the South-East end measures 1.90 X 1.29 metres while the larger one (which it supports...
At Knocknamaulee which is 4km south of Knockboy, one finds two standing stones within 300 meters of each other. The stones, which are both conglomerates and have similar profiles, stand on either side of a small road. The NE stone which is sited on a SE facing slope measures 1.3 metres in height and is oriented NE –SW while the SW...
These two oghamised stones are found in what’s known as the “Geological Garden” just outside the former mining and seaside village of Bunmahon. Their inscriptions are remarkably well preserved, probably due to the fact that they remained buried underground for many centuries, having been discovered in a fosse and bank of nearby Promontory...
While walking towards this stone which was barely visible above the grass, the farmer said “ Well, this is not a very impressive stone really”!. However, when we did reach it, I was impressed with its overall appearance. It’s a lovely smooth granite bullaun measuring 1 metre in length and 0.6 metres at its widest. Close to its tapering end is...
Even before you reach this site, the remaining stone of what is believed to be a Stone Pair, is indeed a striking sight in the distance. This magnificent standing stone which is sheltered by an Alder tree, stands 3.8 metres tall. It has a triangular cross section and is 1.3 metres at its widest and 0.3 metres thick. Standing perfectly...
This sturdy standing stone is located  on the outskirts of  Dungarvan in the townland of Mapestown, also pronounced  locally as ‘Mapstown’. The conglomerate, which is stocky in shape, measures 1.6 metres tall and is 0.8 metres wide at its base. The stone is oriented in a NS-EW direction and has a crest which is oval in plan. It’s...
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Ballyquin Portal Tomb

A delightfully situated monument

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Tallest Stone


Waterford's  tallest standing stone is  located 5 km from Tramore. The impressive stone measures 3.7m in height. See it  Here


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