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The Fulacht Fiadh at Carrigeen is one of the finest examples of its type in Waterford. Sited on south facing slope overlooking the river Nire, it’s only a short walking distance from Carrigeen standing stone which is just a little higher up in the valley. This kidney shaped grass covered mound is made up of broken and burnt stones which would...
This Passage tomb is situated on a slope facing northwards towards Waterford city. Its passage is 5.5 metres long with five remaining uprights. The entrance is 1 metre wide and is 2 metres at the rear with one remaining roofstone in place. The tomb is surrounded by 21 kerbstones, remnants of what was once its cairn. The monument has been...
Castlereagh Ring Barrow is the best example of this type of monument in Waterford. This earthen construction, most probably used as a place of burial, is sited on an open plateau in quite a remote area. In the centre of the monument is a low grass covered mound which has a diameter of 8 metres and is 0.2 metres in height. This is defined by a...
Here, on a south–east facing slope you find two standing stones within 100 metres of each other. Both stones are similar in shape with a tapered conical appearance. One is located in the middle of an open field, while the other, which now appears much shorter, has been incorporated into the lawn of a new two storey residence. In the...
This pair of Bullaun stones are found on either side of the entrance to the ruined 8th century church of Kilbunny near the village of Portlaw. The stones here would be classed as portable Bullauns, so is not known if this was their original location or where they may have come from. However, what seems evident, is that they were most likely...
Sited on the top of a broad hill, this Red Sandstone monolith stands 1.2 meters tall and 1.1 metre wide. Unusually it has diagonal ridge on its NW face which is 15cm at its narrowest and widens to 23cm nearer to the base. Also of interest here is that this stone bears a well defined a “cup mark” (early form of Rock Art) which is just above the...
If there were Oscars for “Best Located Standing Stones” in Ireland, then this one would certainly be amongst the nominations. The location of the "Stone Man”  is truly magnificent and it undoubtedly ranks as one of Waterford’s ‘must see’ sites. This is an amazing place to visit whether you are a prehistoric buff or an avid hill...
Located very close to the Coumaraglinmountain standing stone in the Araglin Valley is this fine dry stonewall enclosure. The walls are 1.5 metres high and the construction has a diameter of 7 metres. These enclosures, which are numerous in this area, were possibly used for Booleying which was the movement of livestock, usually cattle,...
This is another of the stonewalled enclosures found in the Araglin Valley. Rectangular in shape,the walls of this construction are 1.5 metres high with the interior area measuring 4.5 X 2.7 meters. These enclosures, which are numerous in this area, were possibly used for Booleying which was the movement of livestock, usually cattle, from a...
Located in the Araglin Valley archaeological complex, this Kerb Circle has a diameter of about 4 metres. A number of stones may be missing or below the turf, but at least seven are clearly visible with the tallest being 0.6 meters. Kerb Circles are so called because it’s thought they may have enclosed and supported a stone Cairn or earth...
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Ballyquin Portal Tomb

A delightfully situated monument

Read about Here


Tallest Stone


Waterford's  tallest standing stone is  located 5 km from Tramore. The impressive stone measures 3.7m in height. See it  Here


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