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Sheltering under the west side of Crohaun mountain and overlooking the Glendermot river is Bohadoon standing stone/stones. This monument is unusual as a standing stone monument, as here is found two very different stones right beside each other. The larger square shaped stone is just over 1metre tall while the slender sharply pointed one is...
Located on the boggy Comeragh Plateau, this Cairn is one of the highest in the Comeragh mountain range. At an altitude of 740 metres ( 2428 feet), it overlooks the spectacular Coum Iarthar to the west. The Cairn itself which is sub rectangular in shape, measures 8.3 metres EW, 6.3 metres NS and ranges in height from 0.2-0.9 metres. A...
Boolattin Ring Fort is just a short distance NE of the village of Kilrossanty right under the Comeragh mountains. The remains of this early settlement site which is 35 metres in diameter, consists of an earth and stone bank ranging in width from 3.5 metres - 4.5 metres and measuring 1.4 metres in height. Its interior has an internal stone...
The Dyrick standing stone is certainly one of the most unusual found in county Waterford. It’s height at just under 2 metres is quite average, but what sets it apart is its profile and unique shape. Resembling a modern sculpture, the conglomerate stone which is oriented NE- SW, has a number of shelves/ledges the first of which is about 0.6...
It was by chance when asking directions to get to this site, that I came across the owner of the land on which these two stones stand. A very amiable and helpful 90 year old Mr. Walsh was more than willing to show me the way to the site. Parking in safely off the small road we both made our way up the uneven rocky ground. As we chatted...
Overlooking Ballyscanlan lake and just 2km from the village of Fennor is this old irregular shaped green coloured stone. It stands at the top of a S-W facing slope and is just 1.1 metres high x 1.2 x 0.7 meters. It has rectangular cross section and is oriented in a E-W direction. The stone appears well worn in places which is the result of...
The Wedge tomb at Carrickavrantry is one of two in the county (the other Munmahoge) and like all tombs of this kind faces the west or south-west to catch the setting sun. It has been suggested that these funnel shaped tombs were openings to the 'Otherworld' and were precisely aligned to points on the horizon to catch the last rays of sun during...
This standing stone is located at the foot of Carrickbeg Hill just outside Carrick–on–Suir. It’s an odd shaped conglomerate which stands  1.55 metres tall and is 1.1 metres wide by 0.3 in dept and has a rounded crest. Leaning slightly, the stone’s orientation is in a NNE-SSW direction. It’s curious shape is due to damage which is...
This stone is located at the side of a road on a steep hill called Seskin which overlooks the town of Carrick-on-Suir. It’s conglomerate boulder measuring 0.7m - 0.45m in height, 1.5m in width and 1.1m in depth. It is known locally as the "Friar's Stone" or “Mass Rock” Looking almost like a seat,  it has a shelf  0.9m in length and...
This stone is among the best located standing stones in Waterford. It stands in a superb location at the top of the picturesque Nire valley from where there is magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding mountainous region. Its height is also impressive, standing at 2.5 meters and tapering to a sharp point. It stands solidly upright...
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Ballyquin Portal Tomb

A delightfully situated monument

Read about Here


Tallest Stone


Waterford's  tallest standing stone is  located 5 km from Tramore. The impressive stone measures 3.7m in height. See it  Here


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