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This stone is found within a ruined area which is believed to have been an early ecclesiastical site. The scrub covered site, which has a diameter of  27 metres, is defined by the remains of a stone wall which is now reduced to scarp. It was traditionally believed to have been a burial ground with one surviving stone grave – marker in the...
This monument at Ballygunnertemple is described in the Archaeological Inventory of County Waterford as a fragmented and unclassified megalithic structure. Located at Mount Druid on the outskirts of Waterford City, the archaeological remains here are difficult to decipher as the site is much overgrown and unkept. What has been previously...
This is another of Waterford’s unusually shaped standing stones. An old red sandstone monolith, it measures 1.6 metres in height. It is 0.9 metres at its widest point and 0.4 metres in thickness. It has a rounded tip and is oriented in a NNE – SSW direction.       Directions: Follow the N25 for Cork from Waterford. At Carroll’s...
In a field sloping towards the Tay river, one finds Ballykilmurry standing stone. This stone, which is just 2 km from the village of Kilrossanty, is a rough conglomerate measuring 1.6 meters high and leaning slightly to the north. It is oriented in a NE -SW direction. It has a really nice location in a landscape where there is many large...
Located on the west side of the Ballymacart stream, this conglomerate measures 1.5m in height and is 0.6 X 0.35 X 0.55 metres. It is roughly oriented in a ENE- WSW direction. A few hundred metres further south up the slope is an old ruined castle, the history of  which remains unknown even to those living in the...
This intriguing figure shaped stone, almost 2 metres in height, is spectacularly situated near the cliff edge. It stands on exposed farmland between the small coves of Rathmoylan and Ballymacaw. The stone has  always been known locally as the ‘White Lady’ which almost certainly suggests that it would have been painted white or whitewashed...
Of all the monuments in Waterford, Standing Stones (also known as Monoliths) are the most numerous and this one at Ballymote is the tallest at a height of 3.7 metres. With its tapered profile, it stands on a ridge amid a pleasant landscape of low hills and pastures 5km from Tramore. This very impressive monolith can be seen from a distance...
This portal tomb which is located near the village of Dunhill, sits in flat pastures and has a capstone measuring 4 X 2.5 metres  This capstone now rests on the doorstone and at its rear there is a smaller capstone. With its  double capstone it bears similarities to the construction design at Knockeen. The site was excavated in...
Another of Waterford’s ‘Oghamised’ standing stones is found just inside a field gate and not very far away from Ballyquin portal tomb. Both monuments are found on the same farmland. Known locally as the 'High Stone', this bulky monolith stands 2.5 metres tall, is oriented in a NNW- SSE direction and bears Ogham inscriptions down its SW edge....
Ballyquin portal tomb ( sometimes known as Mothel Dolmen) is situated in a delightful tranquil setting at the bottom of a valley and next to a small stream. This is a peaceful place with just a across the rippling water a sacred holy well. The monument, which faces a steep NE upslope, appears to be incomplete compared to other Portal...
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Ballyquin Portal Tomb

A delightfully situated monument

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Tallest Stone


Waterford's  tallest standing stone is  located 5 km from Tramore. The impressive stone measures 3.7m in height. See it  Here


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