Kilclooney Rock

This huge rock is located in the front lawn of a private house just under the Comeragh mountains at Kilclooney. The rock, a conglomerate which no doubt could be classed as an Erratic, is up to 10 metres (35ft) in height. In local folklore it has been known as the ‘Poor Rock’ which suggests that it may have been a meeting point where impoverished families would gather during the Great Famine (1845-1852) to obtain whatever food was on offer.

Even further back in Prehistoric times it very likely had some significance, as it would have stood an isolated  iconic marker in the landscape that may have been revered and much respected. There is also a peaceful and somewhat sacred aura about the site, with the soothing quietness of gentle running stream just a few meters away.

The owners of the land are returned Irish emigrants who understandably are quite proud of their mini Ayers Rock in their front garden. The rock seems to have a magnetic pull also, with sightseers travelling from far off places to see this imposing mass of stone.


This item from Y. Power - November 2012.


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