Glenpatrick Rock

'I came across this huge stone in the Glenpatrick area while browsing around in the mist that frequently covers the heather covered mountainside there'.

The stone is a huge conglomerate which measures 2 metres in length. It is1.6m wide and 0.8m high. It slopes back slightly and has an space underneath of about 0.4 m in height at the front which gets lower towards the rear of the stone.

The question is, is it a naturally occurring rock that maybe was adapted for burial or could it possibly be an authentic place of entombment.


This item submitted by Pat Duggan - December 2012

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Angled slab, Glenpatrick

Mark Chapman. 31/12/2012
Well spotted Pat. Its typical of many similar examples throughout the Comeraghs. Many of these have the opening facing the southern or western horizon, allowing evening sunlight to light the interiors at either midsummer or midwinter. In almost all cases, the stones are supported or chocked on smaller intermediary stones.

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