It was by chance when asking directions to get to this site, that I came across the owner of the land on which these two stones stand.

A very amiable and helpful 90 year old Mr. Walsh was more than willing to show me the way to the site.

Parking in safely off the small road we both made our way up the uneven rocky ground. As we chatted and walked along this remarkably fit man matched my every stride and on reaching the summit of the Carrigawaddra hill wasn’t even out of breath.

From this high point you could see both of the stones, one on each side of an overgrown Ring Fort (visible in above and below photos) which is located on flat ground. Both stones are almost equidistant from the Fort, being approx 200 metres away.

The first stone (photo inset), which is SW of the Ringfort, is the more tapered of the two and measures 1.6 metres in height and is orientated in a ENE-WSW direction. The second stone, which is located on flat ground further to the NE, has a more pointed appearance and measures 1.8 metres in height. It too is orientated ENE-WSW.

The Ring Fort, which is also known as a ‘lios’, would have been a much later addition to the landscape. It  has a diameter of 22 metres and is quite overgrown. Interestingly, both standing stones are sited almost equidistant from it.


SW stone                                                                    NE stone






Directions: Take the N25 from Waterford City for Cork. About 5.5km after the village of Kilmeaden there is a turn to the left across the Dawn river. From here you travel steeply upwards on a winding road for about 3km.Aftering passing under tall electricity pylons you will soon come to a sharp corner to the left where there is a gate on the right.

Walk up two fields to the highest point. From there you will see both stones not very far away to the NW and North.


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