Ballinadysert - Stone Pair

This fine pair of stones stand facing each other in a paddock field and are nicely sheltered by surrounding hedgerows. Once you reach the site they are easily accessible from the nearby farmyard.

The stones stand over 15 metres apart. The East stone, a square shaped conglomerate with many embedded pebbles, is 1.8 metres in height while the West stone, a red sandstone conglomerate has more of an irregular appearance and stands just shorter at 1.7 metres tall. Both stones are aligned NNE-SSW.

Were they always just a stone pair or maybe they part of a stone row which may have once existed?

Much speculation also surrounds what was their significance and the reason for their erection. Two interesting theories have been put forward locally. One was that their alignment was a calendar guide, possibly at the Vernal Equinox when the sun shone at a certain angle in springtime denoting it as time for the farmers to set their crops.

Another speculation which would certainly date the stones much later, was that this spot was the scene of a duel between two brothers and that the stones were erected to commemorate this fateful event.

Standing in the field does give a feeling of something like this may have taken place here, as the stones face up to each other in a somewhat confrontational manner.

If only the stones could talk – well at least one of them!!


Looking over the shoulder of the West stone



Directions: From Carrick-on-Suir  travel on the R680 towards Clonmel. About 3 km on this road there are two sharp bends – one to the left and one to the right. Turn left just after the right bend. About 800 metres further on take the next right turn. Drive 1.5km on this road till you come to a farm entrance on your left. This farm track is not easy to see as it cuts backwards and upwards off the road.

A short 200 metres along this track you will see the stones on the right.


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