Ballinaclogh South

This standing stone is about 2.5 metres tall. It has a somewhat unusual appearance in that the top is quite jagged. This type of stone is often called a "dallán" or 'liagán' and had a similar purpose to that of today's modem gravestone. So, there is a possibility that it was erected as  a gravemarker/ remembrance monument.Whether it had its present shape when erected or that its present profile is the result of damage through the years is open to speculation.

It stands just a few metres from a walled bank on a broad plateau close to a large farmyard.


Directions: Take the N25 from Waterford City till you reach the junction for the R682 turnoff (signposted) for Tramore. Travel about 3.5km on this road to the 4th crossroads. Just a short distance beyond this intersection take a road to the right downwards.

Travel about 1.5km on this narrow road till you come to the first big farmyard on the left. Just beyond the farmyard there is a gate on the left. From here you can see the stone in the field about 50 metres away.


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