Whether or not these two standing stones can be classified a pair is open to debate as they stand 15 meters apart and in separate fields. The east stone, a conglomerate, is the more bulky of the two and measures 1.4 metres tall and 1 metre wide, while the west stone is slender, has diagonal quartz veins running through it and is slightly taller at 1.6 metres. They are nicely located in the landscape with the Comeragh and Monavullagh mountains in the background.


Above. The proximity of the stones in neighbouring fields and the quartz veins of the west stone



Directions: From Kilmacthomas travel 2.5 km to Fews. At the crossroads there go straight for about 1.5km, passing a small lake on the right. Just where the road starts to go uphill there is a farm track on the left beside a bungalow. Up here about 200 metres is a two storey farmhouse where you can ask permission. The stones are located just a short distance from the rear of the building.


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