A Possible Standing Stone

“There is a strong possibility that this stone which is now lying in the corner of a field, was once a standing stone.

I came across it at Carrickanure where it lies just two fields away from the south standing stone at this site. It measures 2.3 metres long X 1m X 0.75m. It appears by the differential colouring on the stone that it may have been buried in the ground about 0.4 metres.

If erected, these measurements would give the stone an approximate height of 1.9 metres which would not be out of place with the two Carrickanure stones which measure 1.6 and 1.8 meters in height. Also, it’s profile appears not unlike that of the north stone”.

“Furthermore, what strengthens the case for it once being a standing stone, is that the corners of it are rounded and worn smooth, which strongly suggests that it probably once stood somewhere in this field, and like so many other monoliths was used as a scratching post by livestock”.



M. Mullen - April 2012

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