Guide To Waterford Monuments

Guide To Monuments found in Waterford

    Promontory Forts   Coastal Promontory Forts are monuments which most likely date to the late Prehistoric period, such as the Iron Age with the ones found in Waterford bearing much similarities to those in Britain and Brittany in northern France. All consist of a...
    Enclosures   Enclosures are a common sight in the Comeragh mountains. Some are quite small while others are substantial in size. Their past  function is unclear. Some are thought to have been ritual sites such as the large example at Bearna na Madra gap but it...
    Stone Circles   Stone Circles are believed to be of pre-Christian date but have proven difficult to date accurately. This is mainly due to the absence of archaeological artifacts, such as pottery shards, bones, etc. which are not often found at these sites. Stone...
    Ring Forts   Ring Forts are quite numerous throughout county Waterford. Known locally as a ‘Rath’ or ‘Lio's’, these monuments are also a feature of many farms throughout Ireland with well over 30,000 of them shown on the ordnance survey maps. The circular...
    Wedge Tombs   Wedge Tombs are so called because of their distinctive shape, with the front of the monument being both wider and taller than the rear. These tombs, which date from the Late Neolithic – Early Bronze Age period, consist of a long narrow burial chamber...
  Ring - Barrow   A Ring-Barrow is a circular mound of earth which is usually quite low and surrounded by a ditch with an external bank. They date from the Neolithic – Iron age and range in overall diameter from 15 – 25 metres, though some larger examples have also been...
    Fulacht Fiadh   Fulacht Fiadh sites are generally believed to have been used for cooking purposes and are usually found near a water source such as a river or stream. They consist of a horseshoe shaped grass covered mound with a depression which is composed of burnt...
    Court Tombs   The term 'Court-Tomb' is used to describe this type of monument where a courtyard area is usually found at the entrance to the chambers. This courtyard which was a roofless U shaped or oval area, was possibly used as a place for burial rites or...
    Bullaun Stones   Bullaun stones are a bit of a curiosity and to archaeologists are often a bit puzzling. This is mainly because their exact function remains unclear. Also uncertain is the time period  and dating of these stones, although recent archaeological...
    Ogham Stones   Waterford has one of the finest collections of Ogham stones found anywhere in Ireland. Ogham, which is based on the Latin alphabet, is the earliest form of written Irish language and is defined by a series of notches and strokes cut into the stone...
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Ballyquin Portal Tomb

A delightfully situated monument

Read about Here


Tallest Stone


Waterford's  tallest standing stone is  located 5 km from Tramore. The impressive stone measures 3.7m in height. See it  Here


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