Alex Went 30/03/2010
I've not been to Waterford, but this website has been so well-designed and researched I feel I'd love to come.

Re: Congratulations

Maura Barrett 09/04/2010
Doing my bit for Failte Ireland...get yourself to the Deise!!! It is lovely! Comeraghs are something else. People are the best....the men can even hurl these days!! Sublime coast line...Great megaliths. Good fare, nice accommodation, things to do, places to see...and the best thing about it is that it is not touristy if that makes sense.

Re:Wonderful New Site.

Pat Duggan 14/03/2010
Congratulations Martin.This is very interesting and seeing as it is on our doorsteps, gives us something new to look out for.This is Great Work - CHEERS!!

Good Work Martin

Grainne O Mahony 04/03/2010
Brill site Martin... Well done!!!

Great new site.

Tom Nelligan 01/03/2010
Keep it up...the more people know about these place the better are there chances of surviving!

Great work...I will have to make some trips to Waterford to see these places...

Nice Site

Jovi Mullen 23/02/2010
I like the site very much.
Nice to see one dedicated to Waterford' monuments.
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