Kapal Api Jelas Lebih Enak 02/12/2017
Muchas Gracias

Jacquetta Hawkes

Christine Finn 29/12/2015
I am the authorised biographer of Jacquetta Hawkes, and delighted to see what you have written about her on the site. I recognised Harristown having visited there many years ago, even before I began the biography project. The biography will be published next year. If there is interest, I'd be delighted to come to Co.Waterford, and give a talk about her life and work.

Best wishes, Christine Finn


Love Prehistoric Discoveries

Patricia Clarke Bazinet 30/05/2014
Just found your website in a Facebook post from a friend. So happy to have access to this very interesting site. Best wishes to you and hope to check your site often for updates. My ancestry is in Ireland and hope to one day make the pilgrimage to my real homeland. I feel such an affinity for these intriguing places. Thank you!

Patricia Clarke Bazinet
Clayton- 1000 Islands
St. Lawrence River,
New York

Fantastic Website

William 28/11/2013
I just found your website and getting to know my way around here.From what I seen so far it's fantastic. Keep up the super work.I got to go now but I be back very soon.Best of luck to all you people. Graphics are very nice. It's a fantastic web site - super job!.

Dolmen at Sheep's Bridge

Dermot Power 06/09/2013
Excellent site. There was a small dolmen at Sheep's bridge on the Tramore Road. I don't know if it is intact, but I am sure that there must be some remains of it there still. I also know that when the were making the walkway on the Tramore road that many fulacht Fiadh were found. Keep up the good work!

Wonderful Site!

Mike Sweeney 23/04/2013
Martin, your website is wonderful. I spent a really memorable day visiting some of the ancient sites in and around the Copper Coast, and this evening somebody passed on the details of your website. It really is a credit to you and will, I am sure, bring much pleasure and understanding to people who use it. Thank you and well done.

Your site - a Treasure!

Sharon Swanson 06/04/2013
Martin your site is a credit to you. A great resource for natives, visitors or three energetic adventurous boys who can pick a monument and go in search across fields like the quest for the Holy Grail! Well done - you deserve a Bord Fáilte award.

Toureen Ancient Monuments

Mike Wall 02/12/2012
Great information on here, I can see myself visiting it a lot!
I plan to revisit the Toureen Stone Row and Barrows and will send on some images.

Excellent site !

Anthony Weir 02/08/2012
This site is unusually well-presented with a good sense of design and colour, unlike so much else on the Web.
I hope more county sites like this might be developed - especially in those counties which have not been completely covered either by megalithomania or my own site, - namely Galway and Mayo.
Actually my site was the inspiration for megalithomania - I have been looking at sculptural monuments since 1972.

This site is superb

Jim O'Meara 02/07/2012
My late father instilled a love for all things ancient and he would so love to have shared in this. His great friend, the late John Maher, from Windgap in Co Kilkenny was intrumental in encouraging the excavation of 'The Coshel', near the Slate Quarries. My father was asked by John's family to design John's tombstone. Central to the inscription was a sketch of the Coshel. Thank you so much, Martin.
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